Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force…When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand. —Karl A. Menninger

Renee Babette says:

If Becca Ellis has a skill above all others it may be that she listens, not just to the words you say, but to the language of your body. Often this is a coded language that we cannot access about ourselves. We can say it hurts here or I have an aching I cannot place, but it is vague and ill-defined at best. But when Becca massages, she intuits what my body needs, and she teaches me about myself. When I first began to see her, I was recovering from a fairly serious car accident. In our first session, I experienced an immediate letting go, an unfurling of months, if not years, of pain. I trusted her instantly. She employs various modalities and opens herself to learning from your body. As a practitioner and person, she is intuitive and competent and wise. She is all of these things, perhaps because she listens when others speak and she hears when others talk over. It is my sincere hope that you give yourself the opportunity to receive care from Becca Ellis and experience her healing work and energy firsthand.


Katie Omweg says:

Becca’s devotion to improve the comfort, health and well-being of others is evidenced by her warm heart and depth of knowledge in healing. From helping me to cope with anxiety and stress or to recover from injury, Becca always knows what it is. She has the ability to pinpoint the origins of stress and strain and treat with massage and prevention. I cannot say enough about Becca’s ability to help in restoration and the healing process, she is truly gifted!


Malana Willis says:

Becca has provided me with the most therapeutic and relaxing massages I have received. In my travels and spa visits, I have yet to find a massage therapist who delivers as high a quality massage experience as Becca does. She uses the perfect amount of pressure and is very tuned-in to my body’s needs. I leave feeling transformed physically and emotionally; calm, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Sarah Shapiro says:

Becca doesn’t give massage she gives BODYWORK and massive healing. I have a shoulder problem that everyone says will never go away. The only thing that has ever given me relief is Becca’s magic. My mom says so too! I was all busted and she fixed me up! She redefines massage for me! I like her more than a doctor. She is THE TRUTH.


Rowan Rose says:

Becca is a gifted healer. She is highly skilled, talented, and offers top quality work in the services she provides. I have seen many great bodyworkers and healers (I was a massage therapist myself), and I can say without hesitation she is one of the best bodyworkers I’ve ever seen. She is skilled in both massage and craniosacral work, and I love the blend of physical and energetic work. She intuitively knows what needs help in your body. I highly recommend her!


Katherine Longstreth says:

Becca is amazing and has worked on both me and two of my children and done so beautifully with them. She is a treasure of a person.


Jen C. says:

I can’t say enough positive things about Becca and her practice. She is a healer in every sense of the word. She listens and works with you to craft a massage that is very personal and theraputic. I had a very difficult birth and immediate post-partum experience, and working with Becca has helped me to process the experience.


Nishat A. says:

Becca is a true healer. I came to her carrying a knee pain which had been a medical mystery to most practitioners for years. I felt broken in body and spirit. Becca listened carefully and sympathetically to my story about my body, my work, and my activities/sports, limitations and goals. She then intuitively found the issues, fine tuning the experience to my needs, worked on them, and worked them out. She is INCREDIBLE. I had a knee pain for three years that no doctor or physio could seem to figure out. Becca found ways to figure it out, work it out, and help me be pain free for the first time in YEARS. FIRST TIME IN YEARS!!!!! Every massage I have had with Becca has been both spiritually and physically transformative. I feel rested and well, stronger and better after every visit. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone, for a relaxing massage, or for help with a specific issue.


Kat West says:

Becca is simply the best! I had a chronic back injury which she helped me overcome. I don’t recommend friends lightly and I’ve recommended her to all my peeps. Becca is not only warm and embracing, she is a true pro and miracle worker.


Caddy K. says:

I am having trouble writing this because it’s difficult for me to limit the universe of Becca’s amazingness to one blurb. She is a kind soul and an incredible listener who is simply amazing at what she does. I was admittedly nervous when a coworker gave me a certificate to come and see a massage therapist I hadn’t met– I’d had two awkward massages in my life prior.  Upon arriving at my first appointment with Becca I immediately realized how silly and misplaced my nerves were and that I was in the presence of an amazing, strong, and empathetic lady. I’ve since come to see her as often as possible and she’s helped me with chronic pain and stress– as well as just feeling more centered and downright better.  I’ve referred a diverse group of friends and coworkers to Becca, each of whom have thanked me profusely and spoken to her incredible abilities.


Alana J. says:

Becca is a true gift! I cannot say enough good things about her massage and body work. Every time I leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and relaxed. Becca is intuitive in her approach, listens carefully to what you need, and is a genuine spirit! I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is in need of restorative body work, or just wants to de-stress, re-energize, or simply relax. Getting a massage with Becca is pure magic, and a real treat. I absolutely look forward to our sessions, and as a result I have never felt better!


Juliette S. says:

Becca is an amazing massage therapist and body worker! She has the ability to listen deeply to what the body needs. Each session is set up with an overall intention of where you are at and what areas need attention and focus. I have been seeing Becca for a few year now and it is a true gift to have her on my team of healers. I highly recommend her for both physical (sports, injury etc.) and well as spiritual, especially for any life transformations or transitions to find greater balance, relaxation and overall well-being.